N°15 paru en Avril 1996

Editor/Publisher: David Applefield


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George A.Plimpton
Interview with the Interviewer                     7

DOCUMENTS                                              19
Andreas Lang
photograph                         19
Frank Lisciandro & Rebecca Reid
Stumbling in the Neon Groves profile           20
James Douglas Morrison
Speaking...Live: Interview                            23
untitled poem                                              27
There's a Whole Realmpoem                       28
Octavio Paz  A Discourse on
Literature & Publishing Today                      29
Annie Ernaux Paper Traces of Philippe V      32

Bruce Clarke
Ethnie Purification watercolor                    35
Andries Walter Oliphant
Self-Portrait poem                                       36
My Beloved poem                                       38
Janet Grillo
Loving a Man in His Nakedness poem         39
The Tradition of Italian Women poem          40
Perveen Shakir  Tomato Ketchup poem    41
The Wife of Bashira poem                           42
Frank Cluck Mime and Terrorist poem         45
Peter Davison  Three Collaborations
with Bertrand Dorny poems                         46
Bertrand Dorny hand-made bookpage      47
Michael Anania  As Ever poem                   50

Louis D. Rubin Jr.
On thé New North Carolina Writers              54
Daphne Athas  Cradle of Dreams memoir     57
Clyde Edgerton  Politics story                     62
Lou Lipsitz The Itch poem                            67
Shannon Ravenel Interview                         68
Thomas Earl Privette
Life and Death in thé Suburbs story            71
E.M. Schorb  Leadbelly poem                      73
Joe Jenkins  Weldon, N.C. photogmph        74
Crayton Wanders  West Carolina poem     75
Max Steele  Interview                                 77
Evangeline Grant Redding Briley
Love Letters from Death Row letters           83
Luke Whisnant    Loflin's Story story           96
Julie Faye   Muddy River story                    99
Elizabeth Spencer
The Puzzle Poem story                              102
Joe Jenkins The Green Highway story       107
Ruth Warat
Fait Rêveries in North Carolina   poem      115
Mary Holden Welcome Back to BMC          117
Mary Emma Harris
Black Mountain Collège                             118
Fielding Dawson
In Memory of Charles Olsen                       120
Charles Olson photograph                        121
Ed Dorn Mordechai Vanunu poem             122
Petra Kelly-Recalling Germany poem         123
Buckminster Fuller/Merce Cunningham
photograph                                                124
Jonathan Williams  Nota poem                 125 
Josef Albers Leaf Study VI collage             126

BELGIUM                                                 127
Belgium: A Literature Apart                     128
Théo Hatchez
Belgium: Rocky Cohabitation                   131
Pierre Mertens Reading Pains story      134
Jacques Crickillon untitled poems         138
William Cliff
The Liège-Brussels Line poem                 139
Achille Chavée  Puberty poem               140
untitled poem                                            140
Eugène Savitzkaya
Marin My Heart novel excerpt                   141
François Jacqmin Les Saisons  poems     145
Jean-Luc Wauthier
Tessons d'absence poems                            149
André Schmitz
Les Prodiges ordinaires poems                    150
Hergé  cerner from Tintin                         151
Anne François Nu-Tête novel excerpt    152
Werner Lambersy
Death Becomes Her story                        153
Henri Michaux  drawing                       154
Marcel Moreau The Sad Démise of Bam,
Belly Consultant story                             155
Pierre Alechinsky  drawing                  156
Marc Quaghebeur
The Old Women poem                             157
Jean Claude Bologne
from The Valley novel excerpt                    164
Georges Thinès
The Smell of thé Old Woman story            166
Lucie Spède The Voice story                 167
Jean-Philippe Toussaint
from Réticence novel                              170
Jean-Claude Pirotte
from The Day's Test novel                       173
René Magritte drawing                         173
Francis Dannemark
from Memoirs of an Awkward Age             175
Guy Goffette La Vie promise poem          178
A Letter to My Mailman poem                  179
Françoise Mallet-Joris
from Laura's Laugh novel                         180
Marcel Broodthaers drawing               181


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